No job, career, or life is perfect. Instead of agonizing about how it will all turn out, I’ve accepted that my professional life will continue to shift  as I continue to change.  I’ve accepted that my mindset determines how I will show up everyday, how I will treat others, and how I will embrace the beautiful life I have.

My Shifts 

“I can’t do this another day!”  I uttered those words to myself just before the final days of the school year. It wasn’t until then did I realize that my newfound career as an English teacher was not working for me. This would be my third career shift in five years – from medical research to inside sales to teaching. Did I have the courage to find a better career fit and start again? You bet!

Once I made the decision to stop teaching, possibilities emerged. My background in instructional design and passion for helping others develop was a fit for an Organizational Development Specialist role within an HR department at a Fortune 500 company. The shift from education to corporate was challenging, yet engaging.  I saw the immediate impact of collecting and using data to make critical decisions about what to work on, (strategy and OKRs), how to work together, (process, structure, norms) and who were the right talent (people) to help a team or an organization thrive.

However, my own career path felt like it was going astray.  I was being slowly run down physically and mentally.  My days and months blended into a cycle of endless productivity, without feeling like my strengths were being used. To get unstuck I decided to follow my passion for yoga and enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training program.  Finally, I understood what it meant to be still. I never realized before how resting the body’s nervous system could create a clear mind.

Having more space and inner awareness propelled me to make work shifts in my own life. It has led me to leave familiar territory and shift professionally to working for myself and on myself to instead of working for a company. It has also helped me shift my mindset and move to a new city, a risk I never thought possible before. Lately, it has led me to new opportunities to lead, and to coach others in reaching their potential.

About Danielle

Danielle is a change management leader passionate about creating resilient, human-centered workplaces and learning cultures. She believes a company is only as good as its talent, and is driven to understand what helps people thrive and reach their potential.

She partners with and coaches leaders on how to intentionally create spaces for alignment, collaboration, learning, and innovation. She also designs and facilitates group learning and change initiatives.

Danielle holds a B.A. in English, an M.Ed. in Secondary Education, and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology.  She has 15 years of experience in Organizational Development and HR in large global corporations, as well as start-ups. She is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources from HRCI and a Professional Coach from New Ventures West.


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