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Shifting the Focus
to People

Work can be better for everyone

Whether it’s shifting back to the office, shifting your talent strategy, or shifting one’s beliefs, we guide you towards solutions that help organizations and individuals
transform how they work, one shift at a time.



We help small to medium purpose-driven organizations, with no or limited HR/OD resources, see their organization with fresh eyes, helping them grow and thrive.


We work with HR and business leaders, and mid-career professionals who could use some space to focus on things that matter – including themselves. Our approach focuses developing personal inner excellence.

Our Values


  • Focus First: Choose clarity over certainty
  • Let Go of Being Right: Listen to the wisdom of the group
  • Start Within: Reflect everyday; be the change you desire
  • Small Actions Add Up: Celebrate continuous progress
  • See Things Differently: Zoom out to be able to zoom in; put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • Stay Curious: Turn assumptions into questions; learn everyday
  • Rest for Success: Make time to care for your body and mind 
  • Embrace Change: Recognize opportunities; acknowledge loss; accept not knowing


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